Bopple is the world's fastest-growing ordering & payments solution for the hospitality industry. They are an all-in-one e-commerce platform that enables businesses in the F&B space to digitalise in seconds, providing online menus, ordering, payments & marketing tools.


About Bopple

The Challenge

Our Solution

Bopple's next step was to develop their physical presence with custom-designed QR code table pucks, but with the costs of producing in Australia being unfeasible and the prospect of producing offshore daunting, the idea was put on hold.

Bopple needed attractive, custom designs that could be produced on demand and shipped directly to their customers. Initially, they thought that to obtain competitive pricing, they'd have to manufacture in huge quantities and hold stock, neither of which were options for their business model.
Bopple then came across The Sourcing Co. whilst searching online for a solution to their manufacturing predicament. We were able to find manufacturers that met Bopple's specifications of custom pucks produced in small quantities, on demand, and did so at a much lower price than they anticipated.

To navigate the difficulties of producing custom products on demand and delivering directly to Bopple's customers, The Sourcing Co. set up a workflow system to make the ordering process as easy as possible. This has allowed Bopple to focus on growing their business, safe in the knowledge that The Sourcing Co. has a scalable solution in place that can facilitate Bopple's ever-growing orders.

Bopple has now sold over 20,000 table pucks in the last 18 months & plans to double that number in 2023 as the company goes from strength to strength.
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