We’re a London-based business that works with a wide range of well-known UK brands to create covetable, clever and conscious branded merch. Our goal is to modernise and reinvent how branded merchandise is created, perceived and sold in the UK and Europe.

Brand Stamp

About Brand Stamp

The Challenge

Our Solution

So often brands in the UK are limited to a small range of stock branded products, as the logistics for developing and creating merch, totally from scratch, is too time-consuming, challenging and often expensive. Typically, these stock products are low-quality, available in only a few colours and have limited branding options. For the modern brand, this simply isn’t good enough, and we wanted to offer more.
Through working alongside The Sourcing Co, we are able to help our clients create creative, unique and exciting, merch, that’s totally on brand for them, and truly stands out amongst the crowd.

Having people on the ground to help with everything from sourcing to quality control to shipping and duties, means that we can offer a seamless, speedy service with incredible results.

The Sourcing Co team are incredibly attentive, thorough, kind and patient. They are always willing to help with even the most complex requests and go above and beyond to make the process smooth. We would not have been able to create the products we have, without their support and help.

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