POS Custom Displays

The Sourcing Co. provides a wide range of POS product options for our FMCG and Supermarket clients. Our product range includes custom retail Gondolas, retail fridges and freezers.

Below is our full range of product options:
- Gondolas
- Custom Printed Fridges
- Custom Printed Freezers
- Brand Strips
- Bin Wraps
- Cornflute
- Buntings
- Price Strips
- Aisle Violators
- Shelf Wobblers
- Table Vinyl
- Shelf Tickets
- Open/ Closed Signs
- Balloons
- PVC Banners

Customisation Options Tailored to FMCG & Supermarkets

At The Sourcing Co., we offer extensive customization for our Point of Sale products to meet your unique business needs. Learn more about our order process. Our capabilities include:

  • Full-Color Printing: We provide vibrant, full-color wraps to make your branding pop.
  • Shape and Size Adjustments: Tailor the dimensions of your displays to fit any space.
  • Material Selection: Choose from a range of materials for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Branding Elements: Incorporate logos, slogans, and other branding elements seamlessly into designs.
  • Optional Add-Ons: Select from various accessories like sign stands to enhance your display's functionality.

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Our goal is to ensure your POS displays are not just functional, but also a true reflection of your brand.

Easy to set-up

Our Point of Sale products at The Sourcing Co. are designed for hassle-free installation and use. We prioritize simplicity in our designs, ensuring each product can be set up quickly and with minimal effort. Features include:

  • Simple Assembly: Our products come with easy-to-follow instructions, making the setup process straightforward, even for those with no prior experience.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Designed for convenience, our products are easy to move and reposition as needed.
  • User-Friendly Design: We focus on creating products that are intuitive to use, ensuring a smooth experience for your staff and customers.

POS Custom Display Solutions for FMCG and Supermarkets

We offer an extensive range of POS display options, including customizable gondolas, fridges, and freezers, designed to cater to the specific needs of FMCG and supermarket clients.

Our focus on full-color printing, shape and size adjustments, material selection, and various branding elements ensures each product is not only functional but also a true representation of your brand.

Combined with our easy setup and user-friendly designs, our POS solutions are tailored to provide maximum impact with minimal hassle, enhancing your retail environment effortlessly.

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