Pacific Industries Ltd is a distributor & manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Papua New Guinea. They represent global brands such as PepsiCo., as well as manufacturing some of Papua New Guinea's most popular domestic brands. This means they're subject to exacting global standards & require a huge range of branded materials.

Pacific Industries Ltd

About Pacific Industries Ltd

The Challenge

Our Solution

Due to Papua New Guinea's lack of domestic manufacturing, Pacific Industries need to import most of their goods, from their marketing materials: merchandise, POS, premiums & display products to their pallet shelving, office furniture, preforms and some machinery.

Pacific Industries Ltd currently has 14 branches nationwide as well as multi-location production plants. This brings with it many logistical challenges that were not only hampering Pacific Industries' ability to manage their sourcing in-house but also taking up too much of their senior management's time to keep on top of.

After facing problems maintaining relationships with factories in Asia, quality control, logistics & the language barrier, Pacific Industries decided to look for alternative options that would alleviate the stresses of dealing directly with multiple factories to facilitate their diverse needs.
After receiving recommendations from other satisfied clients, Pacific Industries turned to The Sourcing Co. to manage their procurement. Not only has this resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, but we have also been able to negotiate more competitive prices with factories in addition to saving Pacific Industries over $50,000 per year in wage bills.

In the FMCG industry, it is necessary to move quickly, and we pride ourselves on saving Pacific Industries valuable time. We do this by ensuring we have a deep-rooted understanding of our client's needs, top-notch quality control procedures and efficient communication. In turn, this reduces the risks of manufacturing abroad for clients such as Pacific Industries, who now have peace of mind that their projects will be executed both to the standards and fast turnaround time they require.
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