Personal Protective Equipment

TSC been able to produce a wide range of full certified PPE products by some of the strictest regulations in the world. Our PPE products are chosen and trusted by Government health purchasing departments, private and public hospitals, aged care facilities, medical practices and dental practices.

PPE Products include :
- N95 Nimbus Respirator Mask
- N95 BYD Medical Mask
- Surgical Mask Level 3 with Ties
- Surgical Mask Level 3 with Ear Loops
- Hand Sanitiser 75% Ethanol 1L
- Disinfectant Wipes 100 Wipes Per packet
- Safety Goggles Anti Fog
- Disposable Face Shields
- Disposable CPE Apron Level 3
- Disposable Examination Gown Level 3
- Disposable Level 3 Isolation Suit
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